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Nile Rodgers on Working With Michael Jackson: 'We're Weird Guys!'

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Nile Rodgers on Working With Michael Jackson: 'We're Weird Guys!'

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:28 pm

Nile Rodgers on Working With Michael Jackson: 'We're Weird Guys!'
By David Browne

October 3, 2013


In the history of pop second winds, Nile Rodgers may be setting a record. From the mid Seventies through the late Eighties, Rodgers' footprint was all over the charts. First, he was the co-founder of the iconic disco band Chic, the man who co-wrote and played guitar on "Le Freak," "Good Times," and Sister Sledge's "We Are Family." Although Chic disbanded in 1983, Rodgers went on to become one of pop's most ubiquitous producers, helming records by David Bowie (Let's Dance), Madonna (Like a Virgin), and Duran Duran (Notorious) and hits by the Thompson Twins, the B-52s and many more. Drug addiction curtailed Rodgers' life and career in the Nineties, but he's blasted back as EDM's most beloved founding father: in the last year and a half alone, he's worked with Daft Punk ("Get Lucky," "Lose Yourself to Dance") and Avicii ("Lay Me Down") along with David Guetta, Disclosure and other dance producers. Talking with Rolling Stone in his Manhattan apartment, Rodgers clicked through some of the legends and newcomers he's worked with and some of his favorite tales about them.

On talking rehab with Michael Jackson during the making of HIStory (1995):
My part on the Michael Jackson record really took minutes. Minutes. He okayed it, and he was like, "Great." As I was leaving the studio, he stopped me and said, "Nile, can I talk to you for a while?" We talked for about an hour. I told him about what I was doing to get sober and the day program, and he had never heard this phrase "day program." I'd never heard it either until I'd gotten to rehab. And I explained to him how a day program worked. I was shocked he was so interested in drug rehab and all this stuff. I didn't know Michael as anything but this sort of pixie-like character.

I looked at the world through his eyes. He was overly concerned about the way the media was representing him, or misrepresenting him. The world seemed like it was against him. And I offered him a remedy, which was, "Come to my house [in Connecticut], and nobody will even care." And I could see the look on his face, like, "I don't want people to not care, I only want them to say good stuff." I'm like, "Well, Michael, they can't always say good stuff! Because we're weird. We're weird guys, and we do weird stuff. And it's open for criticism, bro!" He'd been famous since he was a child. So he only knew superstardom, and he only knew when people loved him. When people were weird with him, he couldn't understand it.

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Michael Jackson transcended our imaginations and continues to uplift our souls and spirits through his tremendously meaningful life well lived.

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Re: Nile Rodgers on Working With Michael Jackson: 'We're Weird Guys!'

Post by Capricious Anomaly on Fri Nov 15, 2013 9:53 pm

Good story!
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