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Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch given new life (2013)

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Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch given new life (2013)

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 23, 2013 5:37 pm

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch given new life

May 09 2013

3,000-acre site is being restored to its former glory with native plants, landscaping, and removal of rusted amusement park rides.

After years of neglect and little maintenance, Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is slowly being reclaimed from Mother Nature and restored to its previous beauty.

According to sources, the 3,000-acre property, in ruins after Jackson’s death in 2009, has the former pop singer’s children to thank for its revival. Prince, 16, Paris, 15, and Blanket, 12, reportedly visited the site two years ago and were heartbroken to find it so neglected. The three immediately made plans to rescue the site, hiring gardeners, landscape architects and contractors to shore up dilapidated structures and grounds.

“Neverland has never looked better. More staff have been employed — they’ve got full-time gardeners, household staff, proper security and people are now looking after the house like it should have always been when Michael was alive,” a source told The Daily Mail. “We’re lucky that the children are level-headed and want it to be a fitting tribute to their dad and also do some good in the world.”

The most obvious changes as seen from the air include the removal of Jackson’s iconic Ferris wheel swings and other rusted theme park rides. In their place are new natural features, including a Zen garden, native trees, and perennial shrubbery. Comparing photos from only a few years ago, it’s clear that much work has also been done to the various outbuildings on the property — as well as the lawn, flowers and water features.

While Jackson's children have no doubt been involved, we've known since 2011 that Colony Capital (which owns part of the rights to the property) has also been instrumental in the site's revival.

“Our plans have been to work to restore it to its original greatness,” Colony Capital’s Tom Barrack told Bloomberg TV. “The place is amazing. It has not only the beautiful spirit and softness of Michael, but a legacy of a thousand years of Indian culture that had transacted upon it. We have just been restoring it, renovating it.”

As for Neverland's future, various sources over the years have reported that Prince, Paris, and Blanket have expressed interest in turning the property into a shrine to their father, as a community park and as a sanctuary for animals. Colony Capital has said that it will work with the children to help realize what ever direction they decide.  

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Re: Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch given new life (2013)

Post by May Michael Jackson on Sat Nov 23, 2013 5:59 pm

Thanks for sharing this! Smile 
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