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Smithsonian magazine; 101 Objects that Made America

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Smithsonian magazine; 101 Objects that Made America

Post by ljmissmj on Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:16 am

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A friend of mine sent me this cool link this morning. Very cool indeed.

Andy Warhol’s Michael Jackson

1984, Portrait Gallery
Two pop icons at the height of their powers converged in a cultural milestone

Jackson’s 1982 solo album, Thriller—still the best-selling recording of all time—vaulted the King of Pop into the stratosphere of fame. Time magazine commissioned Warhol, the godfather of the Pop Art movement and ultimate arbiter of celebrity culture, to create a silk-screen-on-canvas portrait of Jackson in 1984. The result was an instant classic, but not everyone was a fan. “I finished the Michael Jackson cover,” Warhol said, adding, “I didn’t like it.” The cover, he felt, “should have had more blue. I gave them [the editors] some in the style of the [Jane, Peter and Henry] Fonda cover I did for Time once, but they wanted this style.”

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Re: Smithsonian magazine; 101 Objects that Made America

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:51 pm

I have this Warhol MJ Time magazine mounted and framed and I look at it everyday! Love it!

Michael Jackson transcended our imaginations and continues to uplift our souls and spirits through his tremendously meaningful life well lived.

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