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Review: Michael Jackson’s The Immortal Tour by Cirque Du Soleil

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Review: Michael Jackson’s The Immortal Tour by Cirque Du Soleil

Post by WeAreTheWorld. on Tue Jan 07, 2014 5:41 pm

Review: Michael Jackson’s The Immortal Tour by Cirque Du Soleil

By Salma Awwad
January 6, 2014

Lights on. The crowd roars in anticipation as Michael Jackson’s “Working Day and Night” blasts through the speakers.

The show starts with a sense of exuberance; an infectious heightened energy fills the hall, both on stage and off, even though this is the second show of the evening and the stands are half empty.

This is no ordinary Crique Du Soleil show, and if you are expecting their signature acrobats and extravagant theatrics, you will be left disappointed.

What the show does offer, however, is a set of seamless live band reincarnations of the King of Pop’s tunes reinterpreted with a colourful and often times innocent choreography.

Neither purely pop nor acrobatic, The Immortal Tour portrays more of a rock concert vibe, which often times comes off as haphazard and at other’s impeccably put together, all the while featuring a bewildering range of costumes and themes.

The 25 acts, although unique, are only linked by the signature Cirque Du Soleil mime who sets permanent residence on the stage throughout the show while he pop and locks his way through intervals.

There wasn’t a consistent feel throughout the show, and on a few occasions the King of Pop’s vocals and video playing in the background commanded more attention than the centre stage performance.

Still, the genius of writer-director Jamie King shines through in several acts. When Michael Jackson’s perfectly choreographed moves are performed in synchronized sets followed by Crique Du Soleil’s jaw dropping aerial and human defying acrobatics, you could feel the sense of excitement run through the audience.

The entire show was perfectly accentuated with state-of-the-art digital effects, lighting and video editing skills that truly play on your emotions.

But most powerful of all, was the message which was sent loud and clear and echoed that of Jackson’s lifelong mission: Peace, love, and compassion for the world and others.

Although Cirque Du Soleil’s The Immortal Tour caters to MJ’s fans more than those familiar with the Cirque Du Soleil brand, it is undoubtedly an entertaining spectacle in its own right. And judging by the tour’s $325.1m earning to date from its 406 shows performed around the world, it is clear that the world can’t get enough of the King of Pop.

Source: http://www.arabianbusiness.com/review-michael-jackson-s-immortal-tour-by-cirque-du-soleil-533775.html


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