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My Medical Team Sucks !!!

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My Medical Team Sucks !!!

Post by MissRose on Fri May 22, 2015 2:03 pm

Mad  Hey there you guys. I had the most aweful day today!. My family doctor and mental therapist are a bunch of narrow minded pessimists! Mad  I tell my mental therapist that I am slowly making improvement in my life, and even she agrees that I should take things one step at a time. She claims that it's not because I don't have a job why she is unimpressed with me BUT IT IS! My family doctor is a sarcastic snot! Mad  I am making so many improvements in my life but I as soon as I tell my mental therapist that I have made only a few slips here and here with taking my pills she get's all mad. And she honestly gives up on me because of that! I have been taking those pills and all the other pills she gives me, but you know how sometimes you miss here and there but you take them steadily apart from that GGGRRRR!!!!!!


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