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Moulin Rouge

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Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:37 pm

Hi guys, so I realize that I started pride and Prejudice in a section that will be too overwhelmed. I moved my Moulin rouge fan fic over here. I'll move pride and prejudice when I get the chance. Okay, I should warn people that this is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Michael Jackson fan fic . When you see where I am going with this, it may either be a stroke of genius to some or it won't. I'm pretty sure it will be genius trust me Wink. Enjoy this Epic fan fic.

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Mouline Rouge (epic fan fic)

Post by MissRose on Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:40 pm

Michael Jackson and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan Fic

Once upon a time, there was a girl who went through some very strange things in her life. She endured some very hard times. She wanted to be happy but, instead she was a nobody and a complete reject.  She suffered like this for years. There was also a man that she fell desperately in love with and

one day she had hoped to get married to him but, he broke her heart. She swore to herself that she would never forgive him for all the pain and damage that he put her through by leaving her all alone in a world that seemed to be cold and cruel. She would never forgive him. Because of all the terrible things she had suffered, she lost her faith in true love, but deep down inside her heart, she still hoped to believe.


It is fall time in New York city. The girls made sure to look their best. Four of them are

dressed in the most interesting and skimpy attire. One is half Caucasian and half African  and she has on a short light brown fur coat over her silk dark pink, arm less top. She also has on a black mini skirt with black high heel

shoes to match. Her hair is in big curls and pulled back at the sides. Her name is Kiya. The “ I ” in her name is long. The other girl is fully Caucasian and has on a red mini dress, and sure enough red lips and nails to match. Her hair is a nice dramatic black

color. She is wearing red hoops on her ears and red high heel shoes. Her name is Rachel. The other one is also fully Caucasian and has

on a copper mini dress that has spaghetti straps. Her make up from blush to eye shadow

and lip stick are all a soft brush of copper. Her blond hair is crimped. Her name is Jocelyn.

The fourth is fully African and is wearing a nice dark purple mini dress that happens

to be a sort of cheap velvet material. She is wearing dark purple lip color to match her dark purple dress. The purple flatters her medium coffee brown

skin and her very dark brownish black hair. Her hair is in big curls as well but loose. Her name is Michelle. Their ages are 16 to 17. They are each carrying a big bag that is holding tools for entertaining inside.

They make sure the night is as late as could be, 1:00am in the morning. “It was sure nice

of April to introduce us to her mutant ninja turtle friends.” Kiya

comments. “I know right.” Rachel replies. “Okay girls, nice and quietly

so that no one can see us.” Michelle instructs. Jocelyn giggles excitedly. Michelle uses her latex gloves to lift off the

sewer pot hole cover. There are no cars about and the people walking the streets are very

few. The girls have plenty of privacy to do something that most people would hardly do, which is enter the sewers.

They make sure that they are very equipped. They each take out four clear plastic bags

per girl. They assign two bags per foot. Two to cover over each dainty foot in it's high heel shoes. It was so exciting

the last time, yet horrifying, when the turtles and April had brought them down into the

sewers. Each turtle carried a girl down with him. The girls didn't want to hurt the turtles

feelings about living in the sewers. They know the turtles are only so far accepted by

Casey Jones and April O' Neal. No other human has ever seen or been in contact with

them before. So, they are nervous enough as it is, never mind bringing a charming

human girl into the picture. The turtles don't even dare to approach the idea that a

human girl could ever be attracted to them because they are freaks of nature

in contrast to their environment. But, these four girls are determined to change all that

tonight. Since it is not their first time down in the sewers, their nerves are a bit more

calm. Going down by themselves is another obstacle. Oh well, what

are the turtles going to do, be the ones to approach them? The girls had to be the initiator. So, they have to learn to do this by themselves. Michelle is going to be the first

one to go down the man hole. She takes a deep breath as her three

friends eye her intently. “Here goes.” She says and gazes down at the descending iron

bars below her. She takes one last deep breath, then starts placing her first foot on one of

the iron bars and placing her hands on the road pavement to steady herself. As she steps

deeper into the sewer, her gloved hands grasp the iron bars that help her descend further

down. All the girls had a chance before to get used to the smell and the dirty

environment, so, it didn't look like an impossible task. The other three girls join

Michelle and head down the iron bars. First Kiya follows, then Rachel and then

Jocelyn. Besides, not all parts of the sewers are completely horrifying. Some parts are

fairly decent and it would have to be if anybody is going to live down there. The rout

that these girls are taking is not too bad either. But it is dark down here in the sewers and the path

does become damp and mucky. That is why they chose not to wear their best attire

down here. The clothes they are wearing could be spared for this unappealing trip. “This

reminds me of King Kong.” Michelle says when the girls finally reach the bottom and

jump down off the iron bars. “How?” Kiya asks. “You know, when Carl Denham says

'you think I want to haul a woman around, but the public, bless em, must have a pretty

face to look at'.” The other three girls giggle in agreement and Kiya replies “Yeah you're  

right, this is sort of like that huh.” “Yeah and we're Ann Darrow.” Jocelyn adds.

Michelle continues “Now, are you girls all ready to begin our 'could be dangerous' trek?” They nod. Jocelyn says “Yes,

but it would be nice to have the turtles carry us through the muck again.” “It'll be worth

it.” Michelle says as she smiles reassuringly. They turn to face their journey ahead. Just

as they do, it dawns on them that this is going to be far more difficult than

they think. But then... a strange energy from the deep dark tunnel in front of them begins

to approach. It is as if a disembodied person could read their thoughts. The girls

are amazed at this phenomenal vibe. They now realize that they are no longer in charge

of this adventure. It's as if the turtles have some invisible part of themselves, some

special energy that could sense that these girls need help. So, the invisible ghosts of the

turtles give them help. Something takes over the mind and emotions of the four human

females and guides them along the way.


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Moulin Rouge (SPECTACULAR! fan fic)

Post by MissRose on Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:49 pm

(Every one, you'll notice I've changed this story format a great deal. It allows me to proof read it more effectively. I hope it's just as easy and enjoyable to read.)

They are so happy and relieved to know that they are not by themselves in finding the

ninja turtles. The females  begin to feel their body become weightless as they now approach a narrow road of gutter water. But it is so

strange...how the water seems to transform into nothing more than a mysterious pile of

harmless goo. In a light headed trance, the girls begin to walk weightlessly into the goo

and practically over it. It's almost as if smoke could have been over the goo because  everything  has now become so mysterious. It feels like Christine and the Phantom of the opera. Kindly, the ghosts

help them sail over the goo. The girls finally arrive at a heavy metal volt door, which leads directly into

the ninja turtles lair. So, they have come to seek out the mysterious creatures of the

night have they...? Well, now that the girls are here, they are more than free to try and

blend into the mysterious world of the teenage mutant ninja turtles. It's as if the ghosts

gave this verbal presentation inside the mind of the females before they attempt to knock on the

volt door. The girls exchange glances and then Michelle takes a deep breath and knocks on

the volt door, as loud and heavy as her small knuckles could allow. They wait a few

seconds in anticipation. But...nothing happens. The door doesn't open. Rachel

interrupts Michelle's second attempt and says “Here I'll try.” Rachel uses her slightly

larger and heavier knuckles to knock the door. When that fails they figure they need to

use something heavier and louder. So they all use the heel of their shoe and start

kicking and banging on the door as loud as they could. They even try supporting each

other as the other uses a leg and heel to try and bang loudly on the heavy metal door. But

it's no use. Then it comes to their attention that, these turtles are hero warriors, not your

every day person that you can just pop in on and visit. They have to keep their identity a

secret, other wise bad guys could find them. “Guys, I don't think the turtles are allowed

to let just about anyone into their lives.” Kiya says in a deeply sad and

disappointed tone of voice. The other three comment “Yeah.” “I know.” “I realize.” Their heart sinks into their

chest. The ghosts gave them such a guaranteed feeling. Now it turns out that they have

been brave for nothing. They just want to slump down on the floor, but of cores they

can't. Just as they are about to practically turn to tears, something unexpected happens.

The big heavy metal door starts to screech open. This shocks them completely! They

all feel their heart skip a beat. But the door just opens slightly. They  
see a dark sliver of space separating the door from the entrance. The

girls say nothing but just watch in suspense. A stern and defensive voice comes from

behind the door “Who is it??” It is Leonardo's voice. The girls realize that he must think

they might be foot clan soldiers or anybody that could harm them. So Michelle puts him

at ease “It's me Leonardo! Michelle!” The others quickly add “Yeah, it's me Kiya!” “It's

Rachel!” “It's Jocelyn!”  Then all of a sudden Leo takes on a completely different

attitude. “Oh, it's just you guys! Come on in!” The girls are feeling the most ecstatic joy
at their extremely positive turn of events. Leonardo just causally like a

normal 16 year old male, holds the door open for his friends to come in and just chill-

axe. But then he goes back into vigilante mode and says to his brothers in a calm and

serious tone “It's okay you guys, you can come out of hiding.” The girls just realize that

Leo even has his Katanas out and ready just in case. The other boys, Michael Angelo,

Raphael and Donatello come out from the shadows in the most interesting way, from the

most interesting places and positions. Of cores, like real ninjas. Their faces are real

serious and their weapons on stand by. All that melts away as soon as they realize they

are in no danger. Now that all those fears are out of the way, they are surprised to see the

girls here and begin to feel at bit nervous.

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Moulin Rouge (spectacular, spectacular, it will last for fifty years!!! )

Post by MissRose on Mon Sep 07, 2015 2:32 pm

Donatello informs them “Next time you girls

want to come here, there's a special code you have to use alright?”  “Yeah we

realize that.” Kiya responds. “Oh, you know that already??” Donny asks rather surprised. Rachel answers “No, we

mean, we realize that we can't just visit you unexpectedly.”  Oh my

stars! When she talks Raphael feels the most overwhelming rush of strong emotions

come over him.  And now come think of it HOT DANG! These girls look...look...Raphael gets tong tied, he can't say it to him self, he can't...Oh they look

SEXY! He is thinking all this and doing a clumsy job of hiding it while his brother Donny is conversing with Kiya about what code they should use when trying to enter the

lair. Leo asks “Raphael, are you feeling okay?? Because you're acting extremely weird man.” “Uh...uh” Raphael stutters. Rachel is shocked that she could sense what Raphael

is feeling. Her heart feels so happy as she blushes. Raph is absolutely tong tied. Dam it
man! She looks so hot in her red sexy mini dress. And that black hair against her pale

skin and red lips. Dam! What is this girl trying to do to him??! Poor Raph's blood and hormones are boiling more as he becomes more mute and silly by the moment. Leo just

looks at him with a casual weird expression on his face. But Mikey also begins to notice his human girl crush as well. He also get's silly and tong tied at the sight of pretty, sexy Jocelyn in her copper mini dress and her sexxyy make up... and crimpy hair, awe

man!! His heart sinks in his chest so badly that the pain is unbearable. What the hell are these girls trying to do to them??! They ought to know that the turtles are a completely different spices and are therefore dreadfully lonely. They cannot make any sort of

contact with the human world what so ever...They have barely managed to accept this. And now these girls just...rub in their faces what they can't have. Again...the ghosts that have been leading the girls start to emerge and communicate all this from the minds of

the turtles to them. Jocelyn can also sense what's on in Mikey's mind. Jocelyn out loud starts to gasp with her light sweet voice and quickly goes up to Michael Angelo to comfort him. She softly whispers “Mikey...I had no idea that I would make you feel

this way. If I had known, I wouldn't have come dressed like this.” He nods his head in understanding. Now that she understands all this, he feels a bit better. Raphael and Rachelle are having a similar conversation. Rachel goes serious and goes to Raph's

side and calms him down as well. She knows she shouldn't say anything because... well, he just can't handle those emotions right now. Thank goodness Kiya is talking to Donny and they are both out side the lair. Donny is teaching her the code. So Leo doesn't have a

chance to get hurt like that, yet. Leo is still standing there watching his brothers have a private conversation with the girls. Michelle is standing beside Leo watching this curiously at first. But then she quickly picks up on what is happening and now realizes the effect both her and Kiya are going to have on Leo and Donny. She wants to spare them that devastating pain. So, she  walks away and hides some where that Donny can't

see her. She waits for them to finish discussing the secret code on the mini machine that is beside the volt door. When Kiya comes back into the lair, Michelle grabs her and pulls

her into a dark corner. She whispers “Kiya, I think we have accomplished getting what we want from these turtles far better than we anticipated.” Kiya beings to grin, but

Michelle says “No, this is not good. We are breaking their heart because Raph and Mikey almost had a nervous break down. They can't...” But Donny interrupts “Is...

everything alright over there you two?” He asks this because they are in a dark corner of the lair. “Uh, I'll be with you in a moment Donatello. There are some things I have to discuss with Kiya first.” “Oh, okay then” Donny replies in his happy easy going manner.

So Michelle safely continues “They can't  have too much contact with humans and are unable to...have a...girlfriend.” Right away Kiya understands the whole story. Michelle needs to say no more. The

girls both stare straight ahead. They think carefully about how to approach the other two turtles. Kiya calls out “Donatello, Leo! Come here!” They both go up to them.

Then Kiya orders “That's it. Don't come any closer.” Then she sighs and says “Michelle

and I have something to say to you both. All four of us wanted to dress real nice to come

here and visit you guys. We didn't know that our dressing and grooming might make you

guys...a little nervous around us.” Donny and Leo are clueless as to what they are talking about. “What...dress like what?” Leo asks. The females slowly come out of the shadows.

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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Mon Sep 07, 2015 2:45 pm

*huge exhausted sigh* Okay you all, writing this MJ/TMNT fan fic has been a long and interesting journey Smile
I have had to do a lot of editing to my writing and posting more parts after waiting for months for people to comment. So, please ignore my beckoning you to comment through out the rest of this fan fiction, as it will now be impossible for you to post any comment. You are welcomed to either PM me, or wait until the end of Chapter two. And please, quote which part you liked and why Smile . Thank you for your support !

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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:24 pm

I know it sounds weird, because the humans like turtles. But, just hear the story out, you'll understand where I'm going with this. Embarassed Rolling Eyes Wink

I left room for a long time...but, no one seems to be commenting...Oh, well, I guess i'll move on then.

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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:35 pm

Then, to Donny and Leo's aching surprise they realize what the girls mean. You could see the sudden stab to their hearts when they see the girls. Kiya and Michelle bend their

heads in shame. Each of them could feel the pain their man or...turtle is in. After sadly looking away from the girls, they turn to face them again. All four of them just stand

there for a moment. The turtles looking at the girls and the girls looking at the turtles.

The turtles did not need to say anything, their facial expression, eyes and energy explain

it all. It all explains that; yes, you human girls can have an effect on us, in a way that is more powerful than you realize. After this moment of silent and intense communication,

the turtles decide to forgive the girls and calm down. Leo finally says “Come on let's go

to the family den and hang out.” So, they go to join Raph and Mikey. Leo now
understands what Raph was going through a few moments ago and grows deeply

concerned about his two other brothers. Raphael and Michael still aren't handling the situation so well. They try to continue what they were doing before the girls and banged

on their door, they were on the computer. Mikey is playing video games

and Raph is downloading songs and surfing on the net. But, they can't concentrate now

because of the strong, sensual emotions Rachel and Jocelyn are giving them every few

seconds. Jocelyn and Rachel hardly know what to do about the situation accept slump

against the table that the computers are on and  feel pity for the two teenage males. The

girls have already tried every now and then to make conversation with the males but, the

way parts of their body are exposed in the most intoxicating manner is just way too distracting. It's not only that, it's the particular human female that each mutant turtle has a crush on, that is what's placing the head of the mutants on a chopping block. When

Leo, Kiya, Michelle and Donny join them it helps to distract everyone from their problems. “Hey, what's up?” Donny starts to say. “Oh hi man.” Mikey replies trying to cheer up. Raph is relaxed in his chair while trying to focus on down loading songs to his

computer. He also has a hard time taking his mind off the girl he loves, because these

three beautiful women still remind him of the one he is trying to get over. But Leo and

Donny try to be the more emotionally strong ones by leading the conversation. They try

to make a light conversation. Donny says “So, what are you guys up too?” Mikey and

Raph find that to be a devastating question. But, the girls try to come to their rescue.

Jocelyn replies “Oh well, you know Mikey seems to be very good at video games.” Then she giggles playfully. That sort of cheers Mikey up as he answers “Oh yeah dude I'm playing Super Mario and I was like,

totally kicking the green lizard dude's butt...Well, until now.” Then that got him back into his depression again. Rachel tries to say “Yeah I like the songs Raphael is downloading.” But, then that is a weak attempt at cheering Raphael up, but he starts to

lighten up for her sake and chuckles it off.

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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:37 pm

So, now Donny and Leo don't know what to say any more to ease this kind of tension. Then Kiya and Michelle remember what they came here to do in the first place.

Then Kiya says "Actually, we did come here planning to entertain you guys."

"Oh, that's true." Jocelyn says.

“Oh, really?” Leo replies.  The girls get the party things out of their bags.

The boys look on curiously. The girls start to out alcohol beverages. For the human world this is no big deal but for the turtles, they are shocked! They go wide eyed, their jaws drop and they grow extremely uneasy as they stutter "Wha...What's all this??" "Yo, what's with all that liquor man??" Mike asks. The girls laugh at the turtles reaction. Rachel says excitedly "We want to have a party with you!" The girls caught the turtles by surprise with this. It never really occurred to them to do this sort of thing. The girls take out carefully wrapped wine

glasses, and games such as cards and domino. One girl is even carrying a big enough boom

box that is covered and protected in case the guys are too shy at the moment to play

theirs. They even brought carefully conserved ice cubs. “Okay where is your

nearest table?” Kiya asks. The guys

stutter “Um...” “Uh...” “Over there i guess.” Donatello points to a long rectangular

table with five chairs around it. Four chairs for the turtles and one for Master

Splinter. “Perfect!” Jocelyn says. The girls approach the table and start laying everything out. They made sure to bring things that would make their party with the ninja turtles as wild and fun as possible. They brought a silver bucket and ice cubs that are carefully compressed so that not as much cold would escape. Then they get

out the domino and deck of cards. The girls get out the boom box. Rachel asks while holding the plug “Okay where is the nearest outlet?” As she looks to the guys. Donny says "Oh there is one over there." Donny points to a wall that is not too far away from everyone. The girls realize that they were right to anticipate that the turtles, would be a bit shy at first.”

Everything is all set and ready to go. Now comes the fun part! All four females turn toward the turtle boys with a big grin
on their faces. The girls excitedly go up to the turtles all at once and start pulling them toward the table. The turtles are hesitant but the girls insist "Come on it'll be fun!" As the females pull and tug at the arm of the four mutants, the guys eventually follow.

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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:43 pm

(editing...) Wink

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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:44 pm

Okay , I see how my fan fic needs some major readjustments. Thank for your patients. Smile

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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:45 pm

Sorry... I'm doing major readjustments...

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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:47 pm

*panting out of breath* Embarassed Shocked  comment please... Surprised

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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:25 pm

Well, I notice some people are viewing my fan fic. I will post the next part but, from now on if you like it, please try and respond. I need feed back to know if the audience thinks I am on the right track with this fan fic. Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
cause I'm a lot more shy than I lead on...


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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Tue Sep 15, 2015 12:05 am

The turtles can see that the table is all laid out with  cards, a silver tin  bucket with ice cubes in it, and of cores alcohol, and wine glasses, along with junk food for snacking on. The guys just stand there not knowing what to do next. Jocelyn asks "So, Mikey, where is the kitchen?" "Oh, it's over here duddett i'll show you." He leads her there. In the mean time Michelle explains to the turtles "Alright we are going to get started in playing some Domino

while we wait for Mikey and Jocelyn to get out the plates to put our snacks on." Each girl instructs her turtle to sit down in his chair. Then...the girls sit on the their laps. The turtles are shocked! They know this is meant to be a very flirtatious move. Raph nervously stutters "Um...Uh..."  Donny goes wide eyed, then he glances at his brothers. Leo can feel his skin starting to heat up and he feels extremely uneasy. Don't these girls know by now that

the mutants can't do this sort of thing?? Any ways all three turtles just go along with whatever is unfolding. Mikey and Jocelyn come back with the plates. The other three girls  start laying the plates out and opening the snacks, they pour out the chips and pass twinkee cakes to each turtle and keep one for themselves. They have Doritos chips, Lays ketchup chips and plain chips. All three flavors are on each persons plate beside the twinkee. Then,

the girls waist no time, they start opening the alcohol bottles, there are at least three different bottles, just in case the turtles have a specific preference, which is kind of silly and comical since the turtles don't drink. The ninja vigilantes are feeling more uneasy by the moment just watching the girls pour the wine into what the turtles suppose is their own glass. "There we go." One of the girls say. Then the ladies pour themselves a glass and are feeling a wave of excitement at how devious they are being with the turtles. They giggle to each other and feel so proud of themselves. They can feel the emotions tingling inside their body. Then they sit down on the turtles laps again. Leo and Raph's legs and knees start to shift uneasily underneath their girl's bottom. Donny and Mikey just sit back in their chair and freeze in a nervous position. Mikey stares at his beverage blankly.

“Okay so let's play some Domino now!” Rachel says.

Michelle asks. “Okay, so have you turtles ever played

Domino before?” “Well, maybe once or twice.” Raphael answers.  Michelle replies. “Okay then, we'll refresh your memory. Oh hey Rachel, go play some music on the boom box for us." Rachel takes a quick bite of her chips and a quick sip of her wine before she leaves the table. She get's out the CD's which have some nice party mix music on them. In the mean time the girls get started on setting up the game. Michelle opens the casing that contain the Domino blocks. She spills the blocks on the table and her girl comrades help her shuffle them around. The guys still feel so

overwhelmed by all of this, because somehow the situation feels like a Casino or a wild night at a bar because of how the females are really dressed in daring attire and now their even sitting in each male's lap having all this booze around, and their engaging the males in a game. What's next, bringing money into the game?? Just as Michelle goes to explain how Domino works, the music starts, but actually the music is nice. The artist is Ice Cold singing 'Hey ya'. Michelle begins to explain the game as Rachel now comes back to join everyone.

The game of Domino is very simple yet interesting. The blocks are made of a material that sort reminds you of porcelain and plastic, it's in between those elements. The blocks are rectangular in shape and measure 3 inches by 1 and a half inches and they look very similar to dice.The black dots are carved into the pearl white blocks. The black dots are only carved on one side of the block. When you purchase them, they come in a very nice and slightly elaborate case which is stuffed into a nice jacket or bag. Even though the rules of the game are quiet simple, the appearance and quality of the the blocks give the game a very sophisticated appeal.  Michelle explains to the turtles “Okay, you need to have at least 10 blocks, 5 in each

of your palms. Next, you have to form a certain pattern with the blocks. The pattern must be made up of a long row of both vertical and horizontal Domino blocks. The goal is to match your black dots to the opponent's. The black dots appear in different numbers on each block and you can see that each block is divided in half by a black line that is carved right down the middle of the block creating two sides. One side of the block has a certain number of dots on it and the other side has a different number of dots, the purpose of this is to give the player a second chance  to match the

opponent's dots. Let us demonstrate.” The girls take a few blocks into their hands. The first player places her block down on the table. Michelle explains "You can see that I, as the first player set the tone of what pattern of dots the rest of the payers have to match  with mine in order to stay into the game and even come out the winner. You only win if you are the first to run out of blocks, so the key is to match all the

patterns that different players set down until you run out of blocks. The looser will still be holding blocks in their hands." The the other girls each take turns placing a block down on the table according to the pattern Michelle set. As they set the blocks down, they place them in an

organized row that descends or ascends in a vertical fashion. Jocelyn explains. "There can be more than one row of blocks that are linked to the other row, almost like a road and intersection. They can run horizontal or vertical, but you have to keep a neat and organized row." "Uh...interesting." Leo comments. The turtles closely observe the game as the girls continue to form another row of blocks. The player must set the blocks down right beside each other so that they are touching they cannot have any space in between them. Jocelyn continues. "Alright, you see that i have no more blocks that match the most recent block, so i have to pass on my turn. I'll keep on passing until I can match the most recent block. This is not good because i can loos. "Oh, okay." Raph says, with a hand to his chin as he gently nods. The turtles are finding this to be interesting, but they still decide to watch carefully.

Then a dark figure creeps up behind them within the shadows. He walks closer toward the teenagers and appears in clear sight. “Oh, Master Splinter! The ninja warriors  respectfully exclaim. The turtles are embarrassed that their ninja instructor

is seeing them like this! Leo bashfully stutters. “Uh, Sensei.” “Uh, hi.” Raph says very nervously.

As soon as Splinter sees all the alcohol, right away he gasps and sternly exclaims. “What's all this?!” “Hey!

Splinter, we're just partying!” Kiay exclaims without a clue. “We're just having a few drinks and playing domino.”

Rachel says. Then Raphael nervously chuckles and goes red. “What! Is this any way for a

ninja student to behave?” Splinter points out right away. “Oh come on Sensei, we're just trying to have a little fun here.” Raph reasons. “Yeah.” Leo says with a slight nervous

chuckle. But Splinter is not amused. The girls explain. “It's just light drinking, don't worry, the turtles are very responsible and would never have too much to drink."

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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Tue Sep 15, 2015 12:06 am

Splinter says nothing but he just walks up to the table to asses the situation further. He knows all to well about

the allurement of a girl. And these...human girls, can present quite a challenge of an unusual kind for his sons. He knows each of his sons intimately and right now these human girls can get them to do just about anything.

“In fact, join us for a drink!” Michelle just tactlessly blurts out. Everybody including Splinter just pause and stare at her. Those words were not meant to come out

of her mouth. What she meant to say was 'in fact you are welcomed to sit down and chat with us.' Everyone accept Splinter has to breakdown and laugh at Michelle. She finds herself in a very awkward position. Splinter just gives her a strange look. When that dies down, Michelle explains. “I meant to say sit down and chat with us.” “Very well then, perhaps I will.” Splinter finally replies. He takes a seat. He does this to keep an eye on things and to get to know the

situation better. So, the kids continue to play their domino. The turtles continue to watch the girls play because it's so fascinating to see. Splinter quietly observes. The females realize that they need to take the lead in playing the game. As the game progresses the guys can see how fun and engaging it is and in fact the girls start to become more competitive. Even

Splinter finds the game to be interesting. The turtles unconsciously start cheering their own girl on and telling her which Domino to play. This is all fine and fun , but when at least one of the ladies starts sipping her wine, that's when Splinter grows uneasy. Not that he has any thing against drinking, but he knows what all this alcohol is for. Another girl takes a sip of her wine and then another girl does the same. The turtles don't notice and really don't

see any harm with these young ladies giving them a break from being vigilantes and helping them to lighten up for a change. Splinter is a highly wise, sensing and intuitive rat. He therefore thinks about this case scenario very carefully. He knows that he has to be very tactful in how he deals with these eight love hungry teenagers. He could already tell what they're feeling for each other. Four of them have a helpless crush on his sons and the other four are impossibly different from the rest of the world and are aching for this kind of attention. Therefore, if Master Splinter tried too early to point out certain things it would be unwise. He decides

not to hurt their feelings by advising against ...wild partying. Instead he decides to retreat to his quarters and give them some space. He silently get's up. The turtles notice. He walks away but turns around to let his sons know what he is feeling and thinking. He warns. "Try not to get... too tipsy". Then he disappears into the shadows. The turtles look at each other intently after their master says this. They understand what his warning means.

They keep this in mind as they continue to engage in socializing with their guests. Now that the turtles get the hang of the game they very much want to take over.  The females gladly oblige. Raphael reshuffles the Domino blocks. Then the brothers remember to take about ten blocks in their hands, five in each palm. The girls have fun sitting in the huge muscular green laps of their mutant crush , with an arm around his neck. The women can

now sit back and watch the guys play. Each turtle has his palms facing toward him so that his opponent does not see the hand he has and play against that. They analyze their blocks and think very carefully which one they want to play first and why. Rachel uses this opportunity to say "Remember to slam your block down, it's tradition." They guys catch on to what that means and the first turtle to play is Raph, so he slams his

block down. "Ooh, dude...That's a hard one to match." Mikey says. The brothers have to think very hard in order to come up with a block that not only matches Raph's, but can disable the other opponents from matching that same block. They would have to use the two divided sides of the blocks to their advantage. One side will match the opponent's and the other side will throw the rest of the players off. Mikey thinks carefully, he has the block that Raph played, but the goal is to stay in the game by getting ride of his blocks first or second. He knows that getting rid of his blocks is not that straight

foreword, he'll have to decide when to play and when to pass his turn. He could play against Raph's block but he'll pass, and wait for an opportunity to hit his brothers where they don't expect it. "Pass." Mikey says. Donny thinks. He has more than enough blocks that match Raph's. Raph played a block with one side that has six dots and the other side has four. To abbreviate, six vs. four. Donny analyzes his hand carefully. He decides which six dot dice he'll play. His brothers wait on him patiently. He finally decides to slam down six vs. blank (no dots). "Oh Man!" Mikey

says. "I was not expecting that." Leo says. "Nice." Raph says to compliment Donny. Donatello knew chances are his brothers won't have a blank. Raph has a block with blank vs. blank, and blank vs. one, Donny had a block with blank vs. six and still has a blank vs. five. Mike has no blanks, so this puts him in the 'pass' zone.  Leo slams down his blank vs. two. It's Raph's turn again. The girls are quiet and watching intently. Raph doesn't hesitate, he plays his double blank, because there might not be another opportunity to play that dice again. He slams it down. Mikey frowns "Pass." Raph bullies Mikey teasingly "Wow, this is the second

time you've passed." Donny knows he's got to play his blank vs. five, so he slams it down. Oh crap! Now all this macho slamming down of dice blocks makes the brothers feel like they need a sip of alcohol to keep them going. They all look at each other nervously, knowing exactly what's on

the other's mind. The girls have no clue as to what this strange exchange of eye contact means. When the turtles hesitantly take a sip from their wine glass the girls figure it out. The females are shocked. Their plan to get the teenage mutant ninja turtles over to the bad side is working.


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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Mon Sep 28, 2015 11:47 am

Well...hmm let me think. scratch I don't know if you guys are ready for the next part scratch

  Basketball  are you guys ready for the next part? give me sum luv , let me know what you think hehe.


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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:34 pm

okay, i am the one that promised you that this would be an epic story. I am the one who has to keep posting , untile you see that its true. Here a next few parts.
BY THE WAY IF ANY ONE WANTS TO MAKE A COMMENT JUST PM ME, ALRIGHT. I'D BE GLAD TO READ WHAT YOU THINK. The initials MP to your right hand side means (message personal) click on it and pm me Smile It's under my user name Miss Rose .

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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:39 pm


A month had gone by since the four human females continued to visit the teenage mutant ninja turtles deep down in the sewers.  They also begun to be considerate of the turtles and dress way less provocatively than the first visit. The teenagers always had a great time together. The activities they shared weren't just limited to games, they would also dance and have a mini party in the dojo or just have fun lounging around and talking. The only thing the turtles felt very uneasy with was the liquor.  The girls would constantly bring that stuff to the lair. Donny and Leo would try to reason withe the four females to leave the liquor out of it, but they would make excuses such as "we're not hammered" or "relax fellows, it's just light social drinking, have some." The ninja's

tried to limit their social drinking with the females to playing Domino or cards. As a matter of fact, they don't touch the stuff when they're playing cards, playing that does not have the same effect on them as the Domino does. There is just something about Domino that makes them want to drink. Another thing the mutants didn't like, was when the human females made...suggestive advances on them. These included sitting in their lap when they were on on

couches or at the table during game time, putting their arms around the turtles necks, or talking to them with a hint of affection. Raphael sort doesn't mind some of the flirtatious moves, but the other brothers don't like how the girls flaunt things in their face that they clearly can't have. However, the

guys didn't want to hurt the females' feelings and, come to think of it, it is rather interesting to wonder what it's like to have a woman all for their selves. Little do all the humans know, just how lonely the mutants are and how much they used to often catch themselves wanting one of the few things in life that they can't have, and that is affection from the opposite gender. And now, here these women are, sort of giving them a chance to see

what that might be like... After a month had gone by, Rachel, Jocelyn, Kiya and Michelle decided to ask the turtles to start visiting them at their house. Master Splinter forbade the turtles to take unnecessary risks above ground and he already isn't too crazy about the intentions of the young ladies.
He would not advise that his sons go to their house. He did not consider it as important as patrolling the city to make sure crime wasn't lurking

about. But, the turtles realize that the human girls can't keep braving it through the dirty sewers all the time, and it's about time they give themselves a break from being too serious due to their heroism, so they decided against Splinters advise to visit the girls. The process of visiting the human world is almost as tricky as it for a human to visit their world. The mutants would have to wait for the cloak of night to emerge from the sewers. Thankfully, the girls didn't live too far away from their

lair. The girls all live in the same apartment building. They live just a few blocks away from the sewer. So, all eight teenagers arrange for the right night to get together above ground. "How would a Friday night sound?" Kiya asks everyone. The turtles are thrilled to have something different to do with their Friday other than beating up thugs, patrolling the city or hiding out in the sewers with pizza as their only console. Jocelyn, Michelle and Rachel excitedly agree to Friday as well.


Friday night arrives. The turtles and the girls hide in every dark corner they could find until they were one step closer to the apartment building. “Okay” Rachel whispers. “All you have to do now, is climb on top of that building over there and we'll let you in. I'll to let you guys know what floor we're at. We're going in Michelle's apartment tonight.” “Okay then,

you guys go into your apartment building as normal, we'll climb up top it.” Leo instructs. “Okay.” The  Rachel  whispers. So, like shadows in the night all 8 kids tip toe through the darkness to their assigned spots. The girls let themselves into their apartment while the guys climb on top of the building. As the turtles reach the top so many thoughts start rushing through their mind. The night wind blows the loose part of  their bandannas to

the side.  Each reptile takes a seat somewhere and begins to ponder real deeply about his situation with the human girls. The mutant reptiles have never been this close to a human girl before, well, their is April but she never...behaves toward them the way these girls do. And if there is any human girl in their whole life as a mutant who has ever aroused the kind of emotions that these turtles are feeling right now, it was never as strong

and passionate as this. Curse these girls for making them feel this way! The girls know the turtles and them are a completely different spices. The turtles wonder if they should let the girls know this, but, the way Raphael feels about Rachel is too deep, Leonardo cares about Kiya, Michael Angelo has feelings for Jocelyn and what Michelle does to Donatello's hormones is addictive. The turtles cannot help themselves. It would be nice to be

close to the girls for as long as they can be without scaring them with the knowledge that a freak giant turtle has such feelings for them, not when they could have any gorgeous human guy. To the girls...they must look like ugly...But then, the sound of Rachel's voice interrupts their thoughts. “You guys!”  “Don't make us sound crazy shouting like this!” Jocelyn yells annoyingly. Then Donatello and Raphael stick their heads out

over the roof in plain sight for the girls to see. “Over here...!” Rachel whispers in a high tone so as not to alert criminals of their where abouts. The turtles quickly make their way down toward the Michelle's apartment window. They climb inside one by one. “Oh, cool apartment dudet!” Mikey says to Michelle. “Thanks” She says. The girls shyly let the turtles look around for a bit, not knowing what to do next. When the guys finish looking

around, then it comes back to the minds of the ladies as to what the turtles are here for. “Oh yeah! We thought you might like to watch a movie with us.” Rachel says. “Oh nice.” Donny says. “That would be fun!” Mikey says. Kiya says “It's called Deep Blue Sea.” Leo says “Oh yeah. I can't remember if I've seen that one before.” “Well, we've seen it a long time ago as well.” Jocelyn says. “Oh you guys are brave.” Leo says. Then he

thinks 'Wait a minute man! What am I implying to them, that they need to get all scared and cling to me or something??' But the girls reply “Yeah, i know.” They subtly and flirtatiously twirl a lock of hair. Then they have to interrupt themselves before the turtles catch on and get too nervous to want to even stay. So they add “We have also got pop corn, chicken wings...” before  Kiya could even finish the guys get all excited “Wings! Alright

I'm in!” “Wow. You really like that huh?” Jocelyn says. The girls are so happy that turtles like that. “Uh huh.” “Oh yeah!” the turtles say. “And just in case we have...” “Hey! What about pizza?!” Mikey asks almost disappointed that the girls may have forgot to include that. The girls hang around the turtles enough times to know that they love their pizza, especially Mikey. “That's what i was going to say. Just in case, we have pizza

if...” “YES!” Michael Angelo exclaims before she could finish her sentence. “...If you want.” “I want.” Mikey says. Jocelyn found that so attractive. The girls are so happy that the turtles are responding so quickly and so well to their very carefully planned advances on them. “Oh! That's great!” Jocelyn exclaims. “Yeah we're glad that we got you what

you want!” Kiya exclaims with such happiness in her voice. “Sure man.” Mikey says. “Okay, so let's go get you your wings and pizza!” Jocelyn says excitedly. “No, man you sit down, we'll help you with that.” The turtles say like gentlemen. So Raph and Mikey help with the food and Leo and Donny help put in the DVD.

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Re: Moulin Rouge

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After everything is all set up everyone settles with their plate of food and pepsi soda and anticipate the feature presentation on the movie. Michelle's and Rachel don't' stop to think, so Michelle signals to Rachel  to turn off the lights. Rachel excitedly does this and the turtles give an unexpected reaction. They feel extremely self conscious.

They know all the romantic things that they cannot do with these girls in the dark. The girls pick up on this right away, because their main goal in case it wasn't obvious by now, is to get the ninja turtles to be their boyfriend.

The movie starts. People dig into their food. It's not long before the guys forget about their concerns. They are now so engrossed in the movie and their food. The girls can sense this and are relived. The advertisements pass and then the “Deep Blue Sea”  film begins. Now for the girls to accomplish their second task which is to get scared on purpose so that they can find an excuse to go all over the turtles. The movie progresses. The girls are feeling anxious about what the 10 times more intelligent sharks are going to

do to their victims. Then ...all of a sudden “AHHH!!! Raph I'm scared!!” Rachel screams. “Mikey ! Help me!” Jocelyn cries out. The two females run up to their turtle whenever they feel the need for protection against the thriller on the screen. The turtles are shocked and flattered that the girls are that frightened and would look to them in this manner for comfort. “Uh...” Raph says awkwardly and violently blushes as Rachel sort of puts her hands around him and buries her head in his chest. She wants

to take it slow so that Raph doesn't feel uncomfortable. She doesn't lay it on too thick other wise he'll get very nervous. Mikey comforts Jocelyn in a very sweet way. "Awe, don't worry." He says to her as he gives that sweet baby smile of his and puts an arm around her. Kiya and Michelle wait for another scary part but you can see that they are already gritting their teeth and covering their eyes. This is a good technique, only having a few girls at a time cuddling with the guys. Again, they don't want to overwhelm them

and it seems more genuine. Finally, an even scarier part comes up! Michelle and Kiya race up to Donatello and Leonardo! “Oh, what's that matter?!” Donny asks concerned about Michelle. “I'm scared, what if that could happen to me?” Michelle answers as she ducks her head into Donny's chest. “What's the matter Kiya?!” Leo asks just as concerned. “That man is bleeding all over the place!” Kiya answers and also ducks her

head into Leo's chest. The Donny gently says to Michelle because he knows she's sensitive “Don't
worry, I would never let that happen to you.” Then Michelle goes starry eyed as she looks up at Donny. He gives her a gentle reassuring stare in return. Leo sort of hugs Kiya automatically saying “There is nothing to be scared of.” “Man you girls scare easy huh?” Mikey says. “Yeah.” Raph

says as he looks at Rachel. “Uh...” the girls don't know what to say and they just blush. So, with out really thinking about it, the turtles decide to put their arms around their girl through the rest of the movie. The girls try to contain themselves about this, but in their heads they exclaim “YESSS!” They enjoy and savor being in the turtles arms and leaning on the shell plated part of their chest. Awe yeah, that feels soo

good!! Through out the movie the girls still get their damsel in distress on, so that the guys don't wonder why they aren't scared anymore. The turtles  think this is so cute and chuckle every time their girl shrieks and jumps up. But then...after a while, they finally realize what's going on here. They realize that they are doing the very thing that they thought could not be done earlier. They are getting sort of romantically close with a human

girl. They start feeling self conscious again. But, it's too late. The girls already have them right where they want them, because they can't just get up and leave now because their nervous, that would be rude. So, the turtles just have to sit there and keep the girls company in this kind of manner, despite whatever mixed feelings are going through their head. Another score for the girls.

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Re: Moulin Rouge

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ch 2 Meeting the other humans contd...


Rachel, Kiya, Michelle and Jocelyn,  happen to be very well connected to a large and unusual network of human friends. During this period, the turtles had already made a name for themselves publicly. No one knows their identity, but through April O' Neal and channel 6 news, almost everybody in New York city know something about the mysterious vigilantes. They know how the mysterious shadows would rescue people out of nowhere. People are practically fans of these no name heroes. Here is the story of how a few of the human friends of these four girls got to

know more than they should about the turtles. Once in a while they would just so happen to be caught in a crime scene. The crime scenes can range from huge to small everyday ones. They would either be rescued, or they would hear about the turtles through word of mouth by a few people, who got the chance to see the turtles and maybe even talk to them.  The close human companions of the girls are teenagers. Some of these teenagers got to talk to

the turtles once or see them for a bit. But it's mainly April 'O Neal and the four girls who can prove to be the teens window of opportunity.
Before the girls ever met the ninja turtles, the teenagers told each other of their unique experiences with the vigilantes. Every body in that social circle became attached to the ninja turtles without ever meeting them. So, you can imagine how proud the girls are feeling about being able to brag about their connection with the mutant turtles. The girls would visit the teens or also known as their friends, and tell them how great it is to accomplish the things that they have with the mutants. Sometimes, they would chat online with each other about it. The teenage companions are feeling jealous of the girls. They wonder when they too can get a chance to meet the turtles. One night, while all four of the girls are in their apartment, they are chatting on the internet with their friends. They have a conversation that goes like this;

Tamara: So when am i going to meet them?

Michelle: Soon. I can't rush things, otherwise they'll think I've betrayed their trust.

Tamara: Can't you slowly arrange it, so that they can chat with us online?

Michelle:Yeah, I'm thinking about doing that.

(5 min. Break)

Tamara: So, you should get their email.

Michelle: Um...

Tamara: You know, contact number and all.

Michelle: Yeah that's a great idea, i didn't even think of that.

Tamara: Yeah.

Michelle: Okay, but first i have to get it for myself , then I'll use it to ask them if they want to talk to you.

Tamara: Cool.

(Different MSN chat connection)

Jay: So, how come you're hogging your turtles friends man?

Jocelyn:I'm not hogging them, i just can't...

Jay: I know, i understand. You can't betray their confidence.

( 1 min. Break )

Jay: Michelle just texted me and told me that you guys may be planning to persuade the turtles to come and chat with us.

Jocelyn: Yeah, we're thinking about doing that.

Jay: Nice .

Jocelyn:   Wink (winks at him.)

Jocelyn: I know that would be so cool right?

Jay: Yeah that definitely would.

(Different MSN chat connection)

Kevin : So you're making them hang with us or what?

Rachel: Yes but...

Kevin: I know, all of you are saying the same thing. You can't betray their trust.

Rachel: Yes. But it would be so nice for them to be able to hang with humans.
(5 sec. Break)

Rachel: Especially since they always have to stay to themselves and keep a low profile under ground.

(15 sec. Break)

Kevin: Yeah i know, that must be pretty difficult at times and boring. 

Rachel: Yeah.

Kevin: They need some human network. Well, I'm sure they can get by on their own. And who knows what kind of human friends they have already.

Rachel: Yeah.

(Different MSN chat connection)

Nala: I know we keep pestering you about the turtles, but you've got to bring them.
(5 sec. Break)

Kiya: Yeah, i think they might be shy at first, so me and the girls we've got to take it slow.

Nala: Yeah i know. 

(5 sec break.)

Nala: So...do you have a good idea...as to when they might be comfortable with seeing us?

Kiya: Lol, you're cute being so persistent . Well, no i can't allow you to see them. Unless you mean how soon can i get them to chat with you.

Nala: Yes, that is what i mean.

Kiya: Hmm...you'll have to give one month. As in one month from mentioning you and the others to them.

Nala: Of cores...I understand.

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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:55 pm

Sorry if this is too much, but i wanted you to have a change of scenery from just the turtles and the four girls. At the end of Chapter two i'll definitely leave room for you all to comment. I am confident that i have proven this story's worth.  Razz   Spectacular, is it not!


ch2 contd...

The girls begin to speak to the turtles about their human friends, but while doing this they have to be slow and tactful. If the girls aren't tactful, the mutants will think that their human companions have betrayed their trust. First, the females ask the turtles for their contact info. Next, they have group meetings with their human friends to plan how best to introduce the idea of meeting the rest of the teenagers to the turtles. They all get together for a meeting to figure out how they are going to do this. Ferra makes an input. “Okay Kiya, here is the plan, we are going to chat online with the mutants. Tell your green boyfriend something like this ; Oh,

there is someone I'd like you meet online if and when you're interested. Say some of our names. No, bad idea. Just make them chat with one person at a time.” Kiya replies. “Sounds good to me".  The female companions of the mutants follow this plan very carefully. To the surprise of the girls, the turtles don't mind chatting online with a human at all. This is a very promising first step. In fact, the females don't even have to tip toe around the subject. The mutants don't mind having contact with the outside world just as long as they remain under cover. Donny agrees to represent his brothers and chat online on the coming Friday night. The girls are swelling with happiness and the mutants are excited that these females are able to some what expand their social network with humans.


The time has finally come for the turtles and the other teenagers to cross paths. Jim and Ferra are allowed to be the first ones to chat with the turtles. It's Mike, Leo and Raph are out doing their own thing. The humans want to take it slow with the turtles. They feel honored to get even one turtle to talk to. Their story begins; 

MSN connection to Jim, Ferra, Kiya, Michelle, Rachel and Jocelyn.

Michelle: Hey Donny! What's up?

Donny: Hey there Michelle.

Michelle: So, hows your Friday going so far?

Donny: Um, well, I've had a tone of stuff to do. I had to work on the latest technology that will help my brothers and I in the toughest situation we may find ourselves in. Then, i had to put up with Raph and Leo fighting over something, again. Mikey, well, you know, Mikey will always be Mikey... Extremely annoying !! Mad  So, yeah but they're gone out of the lair for the rest of the late evening so I'm kinda happy. I guess cause i have the whole lair to myself. It's just me and Splinter, pluse i get to talk with you.

Michelle:Wow, sounds like quite a Friday on your hands there!  Razz


Donny: Oh! And you told me that there is somebody that you want me to meet?

Michelle: Well, yes there is somebody I'd like you to meet. His name is Jim.

Donny: Oh okay, hi Jim!

Jim: Hey there Donny what's up! Smile

Donny: Oh I'm cool and how about you?

Jim: Yeah I'm doing fine. That's good to hear that you're doing fine man. My friend told me that i had to meet you.

Donny: Oh, really?

Jim: Yeah. 

Donny: Cool.

Jim is thrilled to be typing with a ninja turtle for the first time. Ferra didn't get to talk to Donny, yet...but at least she got to read the screen. Jim at Michelle's apartment. Ferra is at Rachel's.

Michelle: So what else are you up to tonight?

Donny: Uh, just sitting here chatting. I might watch some TV later on who knows.

Rachel: Hey there Donny!

Donny: Oh, hey Rachel! How are you tonight? Smile

Rachel: I'm doing fine now that I'm talking to you.  Smile

Donny: Oh *chuckles * that's nice. Laughing

Rachel: *chuckles*

Jocelyn: Hey there Donny  Razz  !

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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:56 pm

Okay. I am determined to wait for comments so, i'll leave this alone now , even if it takes months.


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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Mon Dec 14, 2015 3:36 pm

Alright, I can see that there are not going to be any registered members here reading my fan fic and commenting for a very long time. However I do notice that there are now over 200 views on this thread! So, I ...get the feeling that some of you may like this fan fic and are curious to know what will happen next, but for some reason, you cannot be a registered member on here. So here is what I propose, I will start posting the next parts, and who ever want to comment can PM (personal message) me right here on the forum. Leave a comment in my private inbox and tell me what you think. Is that a deal? Okay, with that being said, let's begin the next part. Smile


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Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Mon Dec 14, 2015 3:48 pm

Here is the next part  Smile

Donatello: Hey Jocelyn!  Smile

Donatello feels so happy that he is building such huge number of friends. Not just any friends but human friends, especially since that other person wanted to talk to him and his brothers.

Jim: Joce-y babe, what up?

Jim: Hey Jim.

(3 sec. break)

Jocelyn: So, er, uh, Donny hows it going??

Rachel: lol

Jim: lol

Jim: I want to talk to him silly.

Jocelyn: Uh, oh, yes that's right.

Jocelyn: Uh, sorry Donny. I gotta go now.

Donny: *Chuckles* (she's just like Mikey) Where are you going?

Jocelyn: Uh...

Jim: lol lol

Rachel: lol

Donny: lol

*Donny can't help but die of laughter she is so like Mike!*

Jim: So hows you're Friday going?

Donny: It's going okay, it's been a bit of a roller coaster until now.

Jim: Oh yeah

Jim: I actually had a nice day, I'm actually studying to become a Biochemist.

Donny: Oh really?!

Donny: Man that's awesome.

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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Mon Dec 14, 2015 3:52 pm

Jim: Wow, Michelle told me that you love science but, i never knew it was this much Smile I'm happy we have something in common bro.

Donny: Oh yeah, we do. I guess you're going to college or university Smile !

Jim: Yes, I am. I'm going to attend college and then university.

Donny: Awe, sweet.

Jim: *chuckles*

Jim: I'm interested in genetic research when I graduate.

Donny: Hmm, interesting. What do you plan to do in specific?

Jim: I plan to help people understand different things about their DNA and how it's related to certain health facts, their genealogy, family and racial background. Things like that *chuckles*. Smile

Donny: Woe, that sounds really exciting!

Jim: Yes! I'm quite fascinated with this aspect of my studies.

(30 sec break)

Donatello is beginning to feel a connection to Jim. He is so surprised about this that he had to stop and think about it before he could type anything else. Wow Michelle was right about getting to know Jim. Jim on the other hand is feeling excited about having the privilege of getting to chat with Donny. He realizes that Donatello might be taking all this in, so he strategically let's him. Even though Ferra is not chatting with Donny yet, because she is giving Jim a chance to reel him in. Instead, her and Rachel are keeping occupied. Jim deciphers when it's okay to chat with Don again. When he recognizes that there has been enough silence between the two of them he starts again.

Jim: So, what kind of hobbies do you like?

Donny: Oh, hobbies, well, I like playing chess, reading, watching the discovery channel and of course working on my science projects. *chuckles*

Jim: Oh, wait! Did you say science project?! What kind of science project?!

Donny: Oh! *Chuckles* Well, i do machines and technology, i invent things. And i work with chemistry and i do testing ( friendly animal testing of cores). And yeah, things of that nature.

Jim: Wow! Man!! could i see them?! You're inventions i mean.

Donny is taken aback by Jim's request to meet face to face. So there is an awkward silence. Jim and Michelle could feel the reasons for Donny's awkward 15 sec. Of silence, but they are both hoping to push things further along. Jim does not want the girls to take the blame of revealing the turtles, he wants the turtles to reveal themselves.

Donny: (stutters) We...well Jim i would love to but, but, i don't think now would be a good time for that. (nervously) *chuckle*

Jim: It's cool man, it's cool. I was just getting  excited.

Donny: (sadly) Yeah.

Now Donny feels crushed that he can't allow his new friend to see his inventions. Michelle is feeling concerned for Donny for she knows him too well and how crushed this would make him feel “Oh no, i hope we didn't pressure Donny too much!” Michelle says with pity and panic in her voice. Jim gives her a look that says ; well that's where you come in and convince him that i don't mind his being a mutant. Then Jim turns back to face the screen as Michelle thinks about this.

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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Mon Dec 14, 2015 3:54 pm

*big sigh, after all that editing* Okay you guys...you can finally post comments again hehe Laughing

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Re: Moulin Rouge

Post by MissRose on Fri Mar 18, 2016 8:03 pm

note to self: remember to cut and paste thread above.

Ignore this comment above, that was for a chapter that i had to revise. Razz
And i apologize for this last thread but it will be the last until you all comment.


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Re: Moulin Rouge

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