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The WHOLE story about Tom Mesereau's response to a fan's disrespectful email to him

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The WHOLE story about Tom Mesereau's response to a fan's disrespectful email to him

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:57 pm

The beginning of this story that was happening BEFORE the fan's email was FINALLY made available to everyone who were only being provided with 1/2 of the whole picture-which was T-Mez response ONLY.

This was posted on a FB page and then went all over the MJ fan community which I felt was wrong to have been posted as it was ONLY Tom Mesereau's response to an email.

I saw this posted on a FB page and was curious as to what the fan actually said to T-Mez in the email which elicited his response as he wrote it. I asked the OP of the email response where was the original email. I received a reply that the person didn't want to allow the email that was sent to Mr. Mesereau to be posted as it may cause a negative response aimed at the email sender. I asked why not post it anonymously (and redact the name out of the email). I received several replies to my asking for the original email which were IMO just excuses and empty explanations which made me continue to ask FOR THE EMAIL as I would prefer to draw my own conclusions and not just except what I thought were rather condescending replies to my asking for it-such as the OP saying she could VERIFY it was real and that should be enough to know. NO IT ISN"T enough OK?

I was told the OP was contacting the emailer (to T-Mez) for permission to do so. I checked back for this to be posted as I feel very strongly that it is grossly unfair to T-Mez to have only his response without what he was actually responding to. I checked a few times to see that there were many angry comments directed towards TM which again is IMO unfair without the "whole story" So I checked again today and found it was finally posted.

I have the screenshots of the email which were finally posted in redacted form for all of you to see - so you can read for yourselves what was said to TM and why he responded in the way in which he did. The email to Tom is listed here in 2 parts (2 pages of screenshots) which should be read 1st-the response Mr. Mesereau wrote is IMO letting this emailer know point blank how he felt about what was said to him by this 'fan'

Page 1 - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Page 2 - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

(Pay close to attention to the last sentence the emailer wrote to TM)


Here is the response T-Mez wrote (once you have read how he was IMO unbelievably disrespected by the emailer-which when now when you have the whole story makes MUCH MORE sense as to why he responded as he did)

This is from the OP of the FB page that IMO posted it without fairly representing the whole story which would have been posting the email the fan wrote to him in the 1st place and do keep in mind what TM is saying and what his focus is here-it is not a petty matter he addresses and he is IMO 100% correct in his viewpoint about the impact of what can be taken from the book Sullivan wrote as a non affiliated part of the MJ community and not coming from the place of being an MJ fan (Sullivan):

"Mr. Mesereau was recently sent an email by a fan who was upset over his participation in this book citing extreme disappointment and a sense of betrayal over Mr. Mesereau's giving interviews to Mr. Sullivan.

Mr. Mesereau has asked me to (and given his permission), to post his response to this email as he feels this is very important for the fan community due to all that is going on in regards to the uproar over this book. He would like his position to be heard in the fan community and feels that there are people attempting to turn the fan base away from reading the book and getting the book stopped without knowing full details of what is in there and the very important aspect of further proof and details that will reach the general public about Michael NOT being a pedophile."

First, Mr. Mesereau's message to the fans: "Powerful people who are criticized in this book are attempting to manipulate the Michael Jackson fan base into not reading it." ~ Tom Mesereau

Mr. Mesereau's response to the email he received:

"Thank you for your email. I respectfully disagree with your approach to Mr. Sullivan's book.

First of all, I am less concerned with issues like Vitiligo, plastic surgery and sexuality than the hideous, false charges of pedophilia. The main question, for me, is how to restore Michael Jackson's damaged reputation.

In my opinion, labeling one as a child molester is worse than being called a murderer. However, please remember, the authorities called Michael Jackson a particularly horrific form of child molester. They said that he took a cancer-stricken child and filled him with alcohol to "soften him up" for sexual abuse. They also claimed that Michael tried to tear children away from their families. They charged him with abducting children and falsely imprisoning them. Michael was also charged with conspiracy to extort the family of the child he allegedly abused.

There are three general groups of people that are relevant to this issue. They are:

Group One: The Michael Jackson fan community;

Group Two: People who enjoy Michael Jackson's music and art but suspect him of being a pedophile;

Group Three: Individuals who either don't like Michael Jackson's music or are indifferent to him, yet believe he was a child molester.

*The main question for me is "How to convince Groups Two and Three that Michael Jackson was not a pedophile?"

With all due respect to you and the Michael Jackson community, Group One has virtually no influence on Groups Two and Three. When supporters of Michael Jackson claim that he was not a child molester, people in Groups Two and Three give little credence to their position. The reaction is simply "Who cares what they have to say. They are Michael Jackson fans. What do you expect?"

Obviously, there is a similar reaction to my position. I know that Michael Jackson was not a pedophile. But, unfortunately, the general reaction from people in Groups Two and Three is "What do you expect? Mesereau was his lawyer."

Randall Sullivan's book will do more to dispel these horrific, false charges than anything that you or I have to say.

When Michael Jackson supporters state their beliefs in Michael Jackson's innocence, they are usually "preaching to the choir."

Mr. Sullivan's book, with his conclusions that Michael Jackson was not a pedophile, has an enormous capacity to reach a large audience that continues to attack Michael's reputation. This is because Mr. Sullivan did not approach his work as a Michael Jackson fan or supporter. His work clearly demonstrates that he is willing to address troubling, controversial issues in Michael Jackson's life, as well as present relevant information that certain individuals don't like. For this reason, his conclusions that Michael was not a child molester can have more persuasive weight.

On a personal note, I don't like censorship or group boycotts. I believe that certain individuals who are criticized in this book are orchestrating a negative campaign. Some of the negative comments suggest that the critics did not even read the book. This is disturbing to me.

You say that questioning the sexuality of a "famous, talented, powerful black man is racism". Do you think this is worse than calling a famous, talented black man a pedophile? If you do, we are in very strong disagreement.

I don't judge people by their sexuality. Nor do I judge them by their race, religion or spiritual beliefs. Michael told me he was heterosexual and I believe him. But if he were not, it would make no difference to me.

Again, I believe we both share the same goals. We both want to restore Michael Jackson's reputation because we know what a wonderful, kind and talented person he was. We simply have a different view of priorities.

Thank you for sharing your views with me.


Tom Mesereau

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Michael Jackson transcended our imaginations and continues to uplift our souls and spirits through his tremendously meaningful life well lived.

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Re: The WHOLE story about Tom Mesereau's response to a fan's disrespectful email to him

Post by midangerous on Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:01 pm

I like Tom's response to that person.

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Re: The WHOLE story about Tom Mesereau's response to a fan's disrespectful email to him

Post by Capricious Anomaly on Tue Dec 04, 2012 2:56 am

I agree it is blatantly unfair to only post part of this without the original email which elicited Mesereau's response. Thanks for getting the email that was sent to him in the first place. It makes much more sense considering how that email-er dissed Tom. I would have been a lot more heated in my response to that person whoever they are. Why so chicken to say who you are if you don't think what you said and did was wrong. Some people do nothing but start drama for attention. This person must be getting off on hiding and watching from behind the PC screen. What a coward IMO!
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Re: The WHOLE story about Tom Mesereau's response to a fan's disrespectful email to him

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