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The US State Department issues a warning to Syria (finally)

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The US State Department issues a warning to Syria (finally)

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:40 pm

Due to Syria moving their massive stockades and delivery systems of chemical weapons - escalating the threat to kill even more of their own people (40,000 dead thus far), the US State Dept. has made a statement which entails that to attack using chemical weapons against their own people will cross the US "red line."

This means we send troops to destroy these capabilities! Are we heading to Syria now? IMO it is about time, how many of those poor people have to die for us to assist them? There are mothers and their children running for their lives! What is this red line saying? Is it OK that they have done these murders - we do not intervene until chemical weapons are threatenend?

OBAMA do your damn job already and stop your BS jacking around with your nonsense with the House in Congress (like campaigning on twitter today) to try to blame the Republicans for obstructing when it is OBAMA playing games to try to make the American people believe it is them and not OBAMA ripping this country apart so he can get the midterm election to go his way in 2 freaking years!! He was in the oval office at the WH talking to a rap artist for advice on how to get more votes on October 26 2012 - (1 week before the election)

He still lies about Bengazi which is lying about the MURDER of 4 Americans! He does not care about the will of the people - look at the WH petitions from all 50 states trying to get the signatures to emancipate themselves from this federal government! These 100's of 1000's of people want their states to secede from the union!! That you would think Obama would care about right? He thinks he is the ruler of the world and wants everyone to do what he wants-no compromises nothing! He is not a leader-that is the definition of a dictator IMO!

He BETTER get his butt in gear and help the Syrian people - it is not OK to campaign DURING (like he did for 2 solid years to get people fooled into re-electing him) your presidency to try to smear people the Americans ELECTED to represent them by lying about what is happening right now in Congress about these budget problems. He NEEDS to lead and perpetuate the freedoms we all have-instead he is eroding these freedoms! I guess we can't expect him to care about other countries who attack their own people when he doesn't even care about what he is doing to hurt us here in the US!!

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