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Consumer DVR Alert! (rented from TV cable-satellite providers)

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Consumer DVR Alert! (rented from TV cable-satellite providers)

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 05, 2012 6:37 pm

On the news today was this info:

People that rent the DVR's from these providers may be spied on! There might be a listening device in them! They claim the purpose is to find out what people talk about so they can receive info regarding the different conversations the renters of the DVR's have.

Such as:
foods people like (to send them info about those types of foods)
domestic fights (to send them counseling info in their area)
and more!

Can you believe this INVASION of PRIVACY!! This is unreal! Make sure yours does not have this device imbedded inside your DVR by calling your provider and ask them point blank if yours has this! Ask also about how it can be turned off whether they say it has the device or not-they are already lying by not telling people this device is or may be on the DVR-so don't just take the statement that it doesn't have it-ask HOW to turn it OFF so you can make sure yourself!!

More big brother horsepucky!! No

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Re: Consumer DVR Alert! (rented from TV cable-satellite providers)

Post by midangerous on Wed Dec 05, 2012 8:30 pm

That's totally weird!

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