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Michael Jackson's This Is It (2009) Production Credits

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Michael Jackson's This Is It (2009) Production Credits

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:57 pm

Director - Kenny Ortega

Executive Producer - John Branca

Director - Kenny Ortega

Executive Producer - John McClain
Producer - Paul Gongaware
Producer - Randy Phillips
Producer - Kenny Ortega
Producer - John Meglen
Co-Producer - Chantal Feghali
Co-Producer - Frank DiLeo
Associate Producer - Michael Bearden
Associate Producer - Travis Payne
Associate Producer - Alif Sankey
Production Manager - John Hougdahl
Business Manager - Michael Kane
Production Manager - Zahida Bacchus
Post-Production Supervisor - Heather P. Woods
Stage Manager - Scott Chase
Tour Manager - Jesse Sandler
Cinematographer - Tim Patterson
Cinematographer - Sandrine Orabona
LED Screen Technician - Peter Blue
LED Screen Technician - Sixx Williams
Camera - Robbie Knouse
Camera - Darin Haggard
Camera - Greg Reynolds
Camera - John D'Avignon
Camera - Greg Harrington
Video - Bruce A. Green
Videographer - Phil Stoole
Videographer - Damien Wasylkiw
Footage Research/Clearances - Deborah Ricketts
Lighting - Patrick Woodroffe
Lighting Crew Chief - Richie Gorrod
Digital Colorist - Trent Johnson
Editor - Don Brochu
Editor - Brandon Key
Editor - Tim Patterson
Editor - Kevin Stitt
Editing - David Abramson
Assistant Editor - Jacquelyn Dean
Assistant Editor - Erica Flaum
Assistant Editor - Brett McCarthy
Assistant Editor - Yvonne Valdez
Rap Lyrics - Bill Bottrell
Percussion - Bashiri Johnson
Drums - Jonathan Moffett
Guitar - Orianthi Panagaris
Guitar - Tommy Organ
Electric And Synth Bass - Alex Al
Keyboards/Trumpet - Morris Pleasure
Backline Crew Chief/Keyboard Technician - Keith Uddin
Guitar Technician - Sauro Ciccola
Percussion Technician - Brian Girard
Keyboard Technician - Timothy Myer
Bass Guitar Technician - Scott Eric Olivier
Pro Tools Operator - Michael McKnight
Music Mixer - William Sheppell Jr.
Music Clearance - Jill Meyers
Music Contractor - Isobel Griffiths
Music Coordinator - Joann Tominaga
Music Editor - Scott Stambler
Music Editor - Ryan Rubin
Music Editor - Michael Prince
Music Supervision/Keyboards - Michael Bearden
Original Music - Michael Jackson
Orchestrations - Patrick Russ
Original Score - Michael Bearden
Music Mixer - Paul Massey
Score Mixer - Jonathan Allen
Song - Rene Moore
Song - Bruce Swedien
Song - Teddy Riley
Song - James Harris III
Song - Terry Lewis
Song - Steve Porcaro
Song - John Bettis
Song - Doris Fisher
Song - Alan Roberts
Song - Ray Noble
Song - Hal Davis
Song - Bob West
Song - Willie Hutch
Song - Frederick Perren
Song - Alphonso Mizell
Song - Berry Gordy
Song - Deke Richards
Song - Randy Jackson
Song - Rod Temperton
Song - Nicholas Pike
Song - Rodney Jerkins
Song - Fred Jerkins
Song - LaShawn Daniels
Song - Glen Ballard
Song - Siedah Garrett
Song - Michael Jackson
Song Performer - Rita Hayworth
Song Performer - Hadda Brooks
Song Performer - Michael Jackson
Vocals Supervisor - Dorian Holley
Vocalist - Darryl Phinnessee
Vocalist - Ken Stacey
Vocalist - Judith Hill
Vocals - The Jacksons
Production Designer - Michael Cotten
Storyboard Artist - Andrea Dietrich
Vocal Consultant - Seth Riggs
Personal Advisor - Tohme R. Tohme
Coach - David Bernal
Conditioning Coach - Lou Ferrigno
Ballet Instructor - Irina Brecher
Costume Designer - Zaldy Junio
Costume Designer - Erin Lareau
Costume Designer - Dennis Tompkins
Costume Designer/Wardrobe Head - Michael Bush
Costume Stylist - Jennifer Rade
Costume Acquisition - Niki Spina
Personal Stylist - Rushka Bergman
Hair/Makeup Designer - Karen Faye
Cast Makeup Designer - Mathu Andersen
Seamstress - Virginia Hougdahl
Wardrobe/Dressing Room Supervisor - Abby Franklin
Wardrobe - Cassie Hougdahl
Cast Hair/Wig Designer - Clyde Haygood
Dialogue Editor - Michele Perrone
Dialogue Editor - Andrea Horta
Dialogue Editor - Greg Abarta
Audio Supervisor - Michael Prince
Foley Artist - Amy Kane
Foley Artist - Dominique Tabach
Foley Editor - Mark Pappas
Foley Mixer - Mike Marino
Rerecording Mixer - Paul Massey
Rerecording Mixer - David Giammarco
In-Ear Monitor Audio Technician - Carl Popek
Sound Effects Editor - Greg Ten Bosch
Monitor Engineer - Michael Pirich
Sound Mixer - Bill Sheppell
Re-Recordist - Dan Sharp
Supervising Sound Editor - Tricia Linklater
Supervising Sound Effects Editor - Martin Lopez
Rigger - Danny Machado
Lighting Programmer/Operator - Mark Cunniffe
Lighting Programmer - Demfis Fyssicopulos
Choreographer - Kenny Ortega
Choreographer - Michael Jackson
Choreographer - Travis Payne
Choreographer - Stacy Walker
Choreographer - Tony Testa
Associate Choreographers/Aerialist - Danielle Rueda-Watts
Associate Choreographers/Aerialist - Dreya Weber
Aerialist - Alexandra Apjarova
2nd Assistant Choreographer - Dondraico Johnson
2nd Assistant Choreographer - Brahim Rachiki
Choreographer - Jonathan Rice
Legal Counsel - Shawn Trell
Production Counsel - Steve Burkow
Production Counsel - Ann Brigid Clark
Legal Services - John Branca
Legal Services - Karen Langford
Legal Services - David Byrnes
Legal Services - Joel Katz
Legal Services - Richard Leher
Motion Control - Marc Knowles
Motion Control - Steve Genovese
Carpenter - Greg Gish
Carpenter - Dale Bryant
Carpenter - Ken Bonnet
Visual Effects Supervisor - Bruce Jones
Visual Effects Associate Producer - David Conley
Title Designer - Michael Cotten
Props/Assistant - Sean Garcia
Assistant - James Phares
Assistant - Arlyne Lewiston
Personal Assistant - Miko C. Brando
Production Associate - David Loeffler
Post Production Office Coordinator - Adriane Biondo
Post-Production Assistant - Eddie Williamson
Archivist - Evvy Tavasci
Music Archivist - Craig Johnson
Clearances - Laura Sevier
Tour Business Manager - Timm Woolley
Tour Manager - Brigitte Segal
Publicity - Alan Edwards
Publicity - Celina Aponte
Producer - Kenny Ortega
Choreography - Kenny Ortega
Choreography - Michael Jackson
Songwriter - Michael Jackson
Musical Direction/Supervision - Michael Bearden
Editor - Kevin Stitt
Associate Producer - Travis Payne
Co-producer - Chantal Feghali
Associate Producer - Michael Bearden
Choreography - Travis Payne
Composer (Music Score) - Michael Bearden
Producer - Randy Phillips
Editor - Don Brochu
Co-producer - Frank di Leo

Company Information

Columbia Pictures - Studio
Sony Pictures Releasing - Domestic Theatrical Distributor
Sony Pictures Releasing International - Foreign Theatrical Distributor
Buena Vista Sony Pictures Releasing (BVSPR) - Foreign Theatrical Distributor
B and H - Foreign Theatrical Distributor
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment - Domestic Video Distributor
InterCom - Theatrical Distributor
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International - Theatrical Distributor
Forum - Theatrical Distributor
Tuck - Theatrical Distributor
Itafilm - Theatrical Distributor
Acme Film - Theatrical Distributor
Ster-Kinekor - Theatrical Distributor
Continental Film d.o.o. (CF) - Theatrical Distributor
Audiovisual Enterprises (Greece) - Theatrical Distributor
Falcon - Theatrical Distributor
Empire - Theatrical Distributor
Warner Bros. Pictures International - Theatrical Distributor
Emperor Motion Pictures (EMP) - Theatrical Distributor
AEG Live - Production Company
Sony BMG Film - Production Company
The Michael Jackson Company - Production Company
Gregg Smith Casting - Production Credit
Ziffren Brittenham LLP - Production Credit
Greenberg Traurig - Production Credit
Sony Pictures Scoring Stage - Production Credit
Entertainment Clearances, Inc. - Production Credit
Stimulated - Production Credit
Cinesoup - Production Credit
Entity FX - Production Credit
Furious FX - Production Credit
Howey Digital - Production Credit
i e Effects - Production Credit
Luma Pictures - Production Credit
Rising Sun Pictures - Production Credit
Sony Pictures Imageworks, Inc. - Production Credit
ROK!T Studio - Production Credit
Sony Colorworks - Production Credit


Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, USA
The Forum, Inglewood, California, USA

Personal note: Go to the source-all the names listed here are hyperlinked and are clickable which takes you directly to each persons information. This is an excellent resource to have in 1 place to be able to do research.

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Michael Jackson transcended our imaginations and continues to uplift our souls and spirits through his tremendously meaningful life well lived.

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Re: Michael Jackson's This Is It (2009) Production Credits

Post by WeAreTheWorld. on Fri Jan 25, 2013 10:07 pm

That is really cool to see all the names of everyone who helped out with TII

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Re: Michael Jackson's This Is It (2009) Production Credits

Post by jw224 on Sun Feb 24, 2013 8:31 pm

Kenny ortega said they only used 2 cameras, I'm seeing more than two cameras in this.


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Re: Michael Jackson's This Is It (2009) Production Credits

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