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“MJ’s L.O.V.E. Is Magical” Forum Rules of Conduct: We will always strive to maintain a friendly atmosphere that is welcoming to all “MJ’s L.O.V.E. Is Magical” forum members. That means keeping all conversations on topic in the individual threads and within the scope of Michael Jackson as an entertainer and philanthropist. I. Any forum or thread posts containing the following elements and/or behaviors will be deleted without further notice: *Posts that make “MJ’s L.O.V.E. Is Magical” members feel unwelcome, or posts with the purpose of criticizing or insulting another. Including any material deemed to be excessively offensive, hostile, or destructive. No defamatory content and/or negatively affecting the integrity of a person. For your info: This forum is live moderated and has many layers of security. Please read and follow the rules of conduct and if ever tension arises - NEVER bring it here on this forum in public. I have provided private messaging (PM) for those times that words are meant for only you and another person on this forum for whatever reason needed. There is a zero tolerance protocol for anyone showing anybody disrespect here-there is a ban policy and there will be enforced bans as admin sees fit. I intend to protect people here and will not tolerate any disrespect of MJ or any member on this forum. If you are being harassed or bullied, please ONLY tell me, the admin of this forum or a moderator through PM's and we will investigate ASAP. *Posts that contain Pornography and Sexually Explicit Content. Do not post sex stories, graphic or explicit written depictions of sex, or images of sexual acts or nudity. No sexual or pornographic content. *Posts that contain Hate Speech. We will not tolerate any content that includes negative stereotypes, racial, religious, or ethnic slurs, or bigotry. This is a zero tolerance policy. No hateful or abusive content. *Please refrain from spreading rumors. If you did not receive the information you are posting from a credible source, please do not post it. Please refrain from posting conspiracy theories. *Posts with stolen music or links to download content protected by copyrights and other proprietary rights is prohibited in these forums and may result in disciplinary action that may include being banned from these forums. No copyright infringement or hacking. *No posts containing SPAM or repeated posts. *No posts allowed containing links found to lead to a site that does not hold to these same standards and these forums rules of conduct. No posting or linking to spam/phishing and/or malware websites. II. Of Special Note: Please be aware that there is an Off Topic forum under the Category named “Michael Jackson Fan-mily Fun” Please post all non MJ related content there. This same category includes a forum specifically for FanChats. Please feel free to start chat threads there. There is also a category named “Fan Art Projects” which is for all members to post their artwork, videos, etc... This includes a “written word” forum for all to share their poetry and “letters to MJ” and fan written books which is for all members expressions of what Michael means to each person individually and can be in the form of a short story or declarations of devotion etc..The posting of Michael Jackson fan fiction stories is not permitted on this forum. There are many websites etc... that are specifically setup for these fanfics so please utilize those sites to post such ongoing stories. Thank you. III. Reporting protocols: If another poster violates the rules, please just ignore their post and notify the administrator directly by PM. Include the link and pertaining information so admin can take appropriate action. Please report only those posts that violate these forums rules of conduct. Other posts may be removed by admin or moderators if they feel the forum rules of conduct and this site's terms of service are not being followed. IV. MJ's L.O.V.E. Is Magical Forum is not responsible for member's posts to external links There are so many people making products to make money for themselves using Michael Jackson's name and image and memory that is not legal to do according to the MJ Estate copyrights and trademarks on all things MJ that they hold. If any member here posts any links to such a seller we encourage them to please not do so. In addition, it is forbidden to self promote any websites, sell anything for personal profit including posting linking to sell sites without written permission from the Administrator of MJ's L.O.V.E. Is Magical. MJ's L.O.V.E. Is Magical Forum and the administrators are not responsible for any posts which link to sites of any kind, however we do have the policy which discourages the practice as well as prohibiting self promoting websites or selling anything here without permission. Online safety: For information on how to protect your children online: Visit for social networking safety tips for parents and youth.